Building Blocks enjoys partnerships with several City of Kalamazoo neighborhoods. Use this handy directory to contact your neighborhood association and find out more about the Building Blocks site in your area.

2018 project sites

Site 1: Buena Vista/Cameron Area 

Site 2: Market Place/Collins


Northside Neighborhood in Partnership with Kalamazoo Deacon's Conference

Site 1: William & Elizabeth inc. Cobb

Northside Neighborhood in Partnership with Action in the Neighborhood

Site 1: Ada, Florence, Lawrence, Woodbury, Burrell & Simpson

Site 1: Knox Street

Site 2: Wood Street

Site 1: Pioneer Street

Site 2: Merrill Street

2017 project sites

Site 1: Wallace Street (1300-1900 blocks)

Site 2: Hazard Street (800-1100 blocks)

Site 1: March & Franklin Street (800-1100 blocks)

Site 2: Fulton & Cameron Street (1200-1400 blocks)

Northside Neighborhood

Site 1: Krom Street/Edwards Street/Prouty Street

Site 1: Madison Street (2100-2200 blocks)

Site 2: Stevens Street (3500-3600 blocks)

Site 1: Vine Street (400-700 blocks)



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