Building Blocks helps participating residents in Kalamazoo’s central city neighborhoods build community, to strengthen and revitalize their neighborhoods.

This program provides a platform for residents to come together to establish relationships as they cooperate on home improvement projects. ​ Encouraged by organizers, residents themselves help to mobilize their neighbors, decide on priorities, and make final funding decisions. They seek donations, contribute special expertise, and assume primary responsibility for completing their own work projects. Most residents report feeling empowered, energized and connected to their neighbors in new ways after completing this Building Blocks program.

These cooperative work projects foster on-going communications, build capacity, develop mutual trust, promote a sense of neighborhood pride and improve quality of neighborhood life.




Building Blocks enjoys partnerships with several City of Kalamazoo neighborhoods



How are blocks chosen to participate in the program?

Blocks are chosen each year by your neighborhood association. Please contact your neighborhood assication for more info.

I want to participate but have physical limitations. Are there other was I can be involved?

Yes! There are many ways to participate without have to partake in the physical labor. Other roles include: Photographer

  • Take pictures of residents working during the program
  • Before and after photos of the site projects
  • Take pictures of the celebration
  • Use your house as a place for participating residents to meet to plan workdays and to eat breakfast/lunch
  • Prepare the food for participating residents on workdays
Donation Solicitor
  • Reach out to the community for donations/discounts for materials and/or for food
  • Watch neighborhood children during workdays for resident participants (Not all program sites will need a chaperone)

If I can't commit to the program, is there a way I can still participate?

You are welcome to volunteer with your neighbors on any days that you are available.

How are the funds allocated?

You and your neighbors disperse the funds together based on which projects you deem most important for your block.

Can I volunteer in a neighborhood that I don't live in?

Yes! Fill out our Volunteer Interest Survey at

Do you or an organization you know have interested in supporting a specific neighborhood?   Email to learn more about our Adopt-a-Block program!