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Building Blocks of Kalamazoo empowers residents, one block at a time, to enhance the quality of neighborhood life. 


Building Blocks of Kalamazoo promotes vibrant neighborhoods where resident-led groups work together to address block-level issues, complete projects and collaborate with community stakeholders. 

meet the team

Katie McPherson
Katie McPherson

Executive Director

Stephanie Valler
Stephanie Vallar

Northside & Douglas Community Organizer

Emily Brittain

Eastside, Edison & Vine Community Organizer

board of directors

Executive Committee

Judd Easton
Connected Care Account Manager,
Philips Healthcare

Co-Vice President/
Executive Committee

Adam Reaume

Director of Construction & Operations

Habitat for Humanity

Co-Vice President/
Executive/Nomination Committee

Steve Walsh

Executive Director

Vine Neighborhood Association

Finance Committee

Joe Kiser


Old National Bank

Program Committee

Willa Ditaranto

Housing Project Manager

Kalamazoo County 

Daniella Betke, Member
Senior Branch Manager, PNC

Kim Cummings, Executive Committees

Founder, Retired Professor, Kalamazoo College

Kaylen Humes, Member

Deputy Director, Community HomeWorks

Anthony Ladd, Member

Publics Works Division Manager, City of Kalamazoo
Department of Public Services

Tshepo Mathekga, Member / Program Committee

Community Investment Officer, Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Sarah Matyczyn, MemberAdmission Event & Guest Experience Coordinator, Kalamazoo College


Matt Millcarek, Member
Construction Manager, Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services

Michael Seals, Member
Deputy Treasurer at Kalamazoo Township Government

Tammie Winfield, Member/ Program Committee
Project Coordinator, Landscapes Forms

Thank you for everything you do for Building Blocks!

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