what we do

Building Blocks is a collaborative and unique organization offering specialized block-level community organizing which engages residents in the development and revitalization of their neighborhood to improve the overall quality of life.  At the heart of Building Blocks programming is the commitment to collaboration and strengths-based organizing for community development.  The work of Building Blocks builds and strengthens social capital, builds and strengthens resident resilience, increases civic engagement, builds individual and collective resident leadership, improves the exterior look of houses as well as the overall street.


Our Catalyst (short-term) and Sustained (long-term) Programs, with the support of our resident leadership development activities, achieve genuine, authentic, and long-term engagement of Kalamazoo residents.  Further, our focus on connecting residents to neighborhood associations, community volunteers, local partner agencies, and local university students accelerates development, strengthens the networks of resident groups, and builds resilience both individually and collectively in areas where challenges associated with poverty and disinvestment are pervasive.  Building Blocks organizes residents for action based on their strengths and surrounding assets which contribute to the ultimate success of resident-driven projects and the overall development of the area. 

what kind of projects are done?
  • Step and walkway repair

  • Trash removal

  • Lighting projects

  • Entry door security

  • Clean-up projects 

  • Landscaping

  • Community gardens

  • New fencing

  • Painting projects

  • Porch repairs

  • Home gardens

  • And more...



of Kalamazoo

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1219 S Park St.

Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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